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Professoren Sekretariat Mitarbeiter ehem. Mitarbeiter Gäste
Titel: Dr.
Vorname: Stephan
Nachname: Zimmermann
Projekt(e): SFB 342 - Teilprojekt B2 , MIDAS: Parallelisierung von Datenbanksystemen
Veröffentlichung(en): Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Data Rivers for Efficient Intra-Query Parallelismn , TUM-I0018, SFB-Bericht Nr. 342/08/99A, September 1999 , 09.1999
PVM Experiences in Developing the MIDAS Parallel Database System , Processings of the 4th European PVM User Group Meeting, Krakow, Poland, November 1997 , 11.1997
On the Application of Parallel Database Technology for Large Scale Document Management Systems , Proceeedings of the International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, Montreal, Canada, August 1997 , 08.1997
Introducing Parallelism in Multimedia Database Systems , Processings of The Second Aizu International Symposium on Parallel Algorithms/Architecture Synthesis Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, California, März 1997, Pages 348-355, 8 pages , 03.1997
On Transforming a Sequential SQL-DBMS into a Parallel One: First Results and Experiences of the MIDAS-Project , Proc. of 2nd Int. Euro-Par Conference, Parallel Processing, Lyon, Spinger-Verlag, LNCS 1123, Berlin 1996 , 01.1996
Professoren Sekretariat Mitarbeiter ehem. Mitarbeiter Gäste
Personen Lehre Lehrstuhl Forschung Suche